Pandemia Upon Us

The Story Connor McClain, a local university student, decided to take a stroll through the woods to capture some pictures for a school project during social distancing orders thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Little does he know, he… Read More

Final Project Outline (Week 13 Summary)

This week, I started to brainstorm and come up with ideas for our final project. Going with the theme of the ongoing pandemic crisis right now, I decided to do a post-epidemic survival story spanning YouTube, Instagram, and… Read More

Week 12 Summary

This week has been pretty chill, to be honest. I’m finally settling into a full online class environment just when we are about to be done in a couple weeks. For this week, we were tasked with 2… Read More

Back To The Fonz

For this week’s final remix assignment, I chose to remix my Minimalist TV/Movie Poster assignment. when I hit the “Remix It” button, I was instructed to add a Happy Days vibe to it via adding The Fonz to… Read More

Text Conversation: A Wild Ride

For my second and final mashup assignment this week, I chose to do the Storytelling Through Text Mashup Assignment. In order to complete this assignment, I used my friend’s laptop that had Final Cut Pro installed on it… Read More

Remixed Simple Logo feat. Dr. Seuss

For the first remix assignment of this week, I decided to remix my Create A Logo That Is Simple But Detailed assignment. This was my original logo: When I clicked REMIX IT on the assignment page, I was… Read More

Animoji Karaoke 1980s Style

For this week’s Mashup Assignments, the first one I chose was Animoji Karaoke. I chose to sing along to Men At Work’s 1981 hit song, Down Under. I chose to use a Koala face as my Animoji because… Read More

My New Hobby (Week 11 Summary)

Cooking With Connor This week, I decided to create my own assignment by making a cooking video where I make a homemade sauce and burger! Taking all week and using video, sound, and design techniques, I believe this… Read More

Cooking With Connor

For this week’s video assignment task, I decided to make my own assignment for the first time! I spent all week writing, filming, and editing a cooking tutorial video on making a burger and some homemade In N… Read More

Revised Project Ideas

When reflecting back on my original project brainstorming post, I noted a few ideas that I thought were interesting. My board game idea and my movie scene idea were my two favorites. But upon looking at other classmate-made… Read More