The Next Best Movie Critic (Week 10 Summary)

This week in DS106 has been more relaxed than the previous. Everybody, including myself, has finally been settling into our new remote-working lives. That made this week’s video assignments much easier to work on. Video Essay To start… Read More

The History of the iMac

For this week’s final DS106 video assignment I did, I chose to do the Product Evolution video assignment. I chose to do this assignment because I love Apple and iMac computers and it was relevant to our 1980s… Read More

Beautiful Iceland

For one of this week’s DS106 Video Assignments, I chose to do the Where Do You Want To Go assignment. I chose this assignment and place because I love making bucket list-type videos for places i’d love to… Read More

Yoda Won’t Eat His Cracker

This week in DS106, I chose to do the Ryan Gosling Wont Eat His Cereal Video Assignment. Instead of Ryan Gosling, I decided to use Yoda from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and attempt to feed… Read More

Land Before Time Spoiled in Under 30 Seconds

This week, I decided to do a Spoil A Movie in Under 30 Seconds video assignment. I chose Land Before Time because it came out in 1988 and it was one of my favorite childhood movies growing up…. Read More

Come Play With Us Video Essay

This week in DS106, we were asked to create a video essay from a 1980s movie or TV scene. In order to do this, we were also tasked with reading Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie. It… Read More

Time For a Quarantini (Week 9 Summary)

First, let’s not ignore the elephant int he room. The Coronavirus has made massive moves into the United States and countless other countries, infecting thousands and killing hundreds. As a result, school has been closed for the semester… Read More

Rework Makes the Dream Work

This week, for our weekly assignments, we were asked to rework or remix two past assignments and I chose to rework my Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing assignment and my Four Icons/One Story assignment. Here is the assignment page… Read More

Daily Create Story Time

Our incredible story starts off with a special unicorn named Toby. At first, Toby just seemed like any other unicorn but there was something unique about him. Toby had the special ability to start fires with his eyes… Read More

Story Concept Brainstorming

When thinking about project story concepts for DS106, almost anything could be used to fuel a great assignment. Here are some of my favorite ideas for future projects: Write and act out a part of a movie script… Read More