The Next Best Movie Critic (Week 10 Summary)

This week in DS106 has been more relaxed than the previous. Everybody, including myself, has finally been settling into our new remote-working lives. That made this week’s video assignments much easier to work on.

Video Essay

To start off the week, I created a Video Essay on one of the iconic scenes from The Shining. Stanley Kubrick’s use of camera angles, color, and noise effectively create an eerie and tense scene. Here is my blog post talking about it.

Land Before Time Spoiled in Under 30 Seconds

For my first of 4 video assignments I did this week, I chose the Spoil A Movie in Under 30 Seconds assignment. This assignment was a lot of fun to make because I loved the movie growing up and it fit the retro 1980s theme great. Here is my blog post talking about it.

Yoda Won’t Eat His Cracker

For my second video assignment this week, I chose to do Ryan Gosling Wont Eat His Cereal assignment. I chose to do this assignment because I think the concept is hilarious. I chose Yoda because it was a scene from the 1980s film Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Here is my blog post talking about it.

Beautiful Iceland

For this week’s third video assignment, I chose to do Where Do You Want To Go. I chose this assignment because I love making videos about places I’d love to visit someday. Here is my blog post talking about it.

The Evolution of iMac

For this week’s final video assignment, I chose to do a Product Evolution assignment about Apple’s iconic iMac. I loved doing this assignment because I love Apple products and enjoy making videos about them. Here is my blog post talking about it.

The History of the iMac

For this week’s final DS106 video assignment I did, I chose to do the Product Evolution video assignment. I chose to do this assignment because I love Apple and iMac computers and it was relevant to our 1980s retro theme.

Using iMovie, I gathered a bunch of pictures of every model of iMac andput them back to back in a video, set to music with titles, saying every model and the year it came out from Apple.

Beautiful Iceland

For one of this week’s DS106 Video Assignments, I chose to do the Where Do You Want To Go assignment. I chose this assignment and place because I love making bucket list-type videos for places i’d love to go to.

Using Google to find a bunch of gorgeous pictures of Iceland, (made by National Geographic) I imported the photos into iMovie, added some classy music, and uploaded it to YouTube.

Yoda Won’t Eat His Cracker

This week in DS106, I chose to do the Ryan Gosling Wont Eat His Cereal Video Assignment. Instead of Ryan Gosling, I decided to use Yoda from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and attempt to feed him a delicious Club cracker. He was certainly not having any of it.

Using my phone to record the whole scene, I then made 5 separate cuts of the video and created one continuous shot using iMovie.

Land Before Time Spoiled in Under 30 Seconds

This week, I decided to do a Spoil A Movie in Under 30 Seconds video assignment. I chose Land Before Time because it came out in 1988 and it was one of my favorite childhood movies growing up.

When creating this assignment, I used iMovie to voice over images from Google of the movie characters and major plot points mentioned.

Come Play With Us Video Essay

This week in DS106, we were asked to create a video essay from a 1980s movie or TV scene. In order to do this, we were also tasked with reading Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie. It was a very interesting read with a lot of useful information in it. In my video essay, I made sure to connect how the camera angles creates a specific emotion, similarly mentioned in the article. The Tony Zhou Every Frame a Painting YouTube channel also effectively taught me many interesting and unique ways that cinematography is used to convey certain emotions and accomplish goals that writing or directing could never.

For my Video Essay, I chose to analyze a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 psychological thriller, The Shining.

The way the camera angles shift between the subjects, the lighting in the scenes, and the use of uncomfortable sounds and music all culminate in creating an eerie and tense scene.

In order to create the video essay, I painstakingly used iMovie to create video clips from the YouTube video and overlap them over 5 separate voice recordings of me, reading my script I wrote for the essay. Towards the ending, I wanted to make sure it ended on a creepy and impactful note so I cut it to the point when Danny says “I’m scared” and it cuts to black with a loud boom.

This assignment helped me learn a lot about camera techniques and strategies used to add extra depth in films.

Time For a Quarantini (Week 9 Summary)

First, let’s not ignore the elephant int he room. The Coronavirus has made massive moves into the United States and countless other countries, infecting thousands and killing hundreds. As a result, school has been closed for the semester and the economy is hurting severely. But this class is not about that. Let’s focus on what this week was all about in DS106.

Radio Show Reflection

This week, everybody had their Radio Show projects aired on DS106 Radio with the entire class an in interactive audience via Twitter. Here is my post, reflecting on one of the great shows I listened to and my thoughts on having our team’s radio aired live as well.

Project Brainstorming

As a class, we were asked this week to brainstorm some project concepts for later this semester and next semester. Here is my blog post, outlining some of my favorite ideas I came up with.

Daily Create Story

This week, we were asked to create a story using the last 3 Daily Creates from our Twitters. I had a lot of fun writing this short, silly story about my dog, Hank Hill, and a unicorn named Toby. Here is the blog post illustrating my beautiful story.

Double Assignment Rework

This week, we were tasked with reworking or improving upon two of our past assignments. I decided to rework my Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and Four Icons/One Story assignments. I enjoyed reworking these assignments because it gave me the ability to go a different route with both of them. Here is my blog post showing off both reworked assignments.

Rework Makes the Dream Work

This week, for our weekly assignments, we were asked to rework or remix two past assignments and I chose to rework my Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing assignment and my Four Icons/One Story assignment. Here is the assignment page for Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and here is the assignment page for Four Icons/One Story.

For the first assignment, I decided to improve upon the original idea of just switching the logo and I decided to change the logo on a car, plus its badge, and wall logos.

Pictured above, we have a beautiful 1987 Rolls Royce Ferrari F40 with an elegant Aston Martin badge. Using Procreate on my iPad, I thought of multiple luxury brands from the 1980s and put them all together to create a car image that any car enthusiast would punch me in the face over such simple heresy. I Chose to do this past assignment because I wanted to see how far I could take my terrible imagination.

For my second assignment, I decided to recreate the assignment with a new movie that I recently watched, thanks to a friend. My friend and I binge-watched the entire Star Wars series over the past week or so, so I thought it was fitting to use the 1980 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back film for my story.

The snowflake symbolizes the battle on the Planet Hoth, the hiker pas homage to Luke Skywalker carrying Yoda on his back while training to become a Jedi, the teddy bear represents the Wookies, and the lightning bolt is used to indicate the way Darth Vader kills Emperor Palpatine in order to save Luke, his son. Recreating this assignment was fun and perfectly relatable to our class theme.

Daily Create Story Time

Our incredible story starts off with a special unicorn named Toby.

At first, Toby just seemed like any other unicorn but there was something unique about him. Toby had the special ability to start fires with his eyes and read other creature’s thoughts. This was all thanks to the special purple and pink shirt he always wore, that he found at Goodwill. But one day, He encountered a beast that even he could not read its mind. That terrifying creature was no other than Taz, Destroyer of Worlds.

Dubbed the Heavy Weight Boxing Champion in the 1985 regular season, she was the toughest dog you’ll ever meet. With a look of pure evil radiating through her beady-yellow eyes, nobody stood a chance against her. Toby knew what he had to do. He had to destroy Taz, The Undestroyable. But if Toby wanted to defeat Taz, he knew he was going to need some help. Even the power to start fires with his eyes was not enough to take her on alone. Knowing this, Toby recruited the help of the only man he knew that could take down such a beast. Hank Hill, propane and propane accessories salesman extraordinaire.

With fate and knowledge and their side, they rode at dawn to take on the dastardly villain. Upon arrival to her evil lair, the battle immediately commenced thanks to an ambush. After several hours of fighting, both Toby and Hank Hill grew weak. Bloody and beaten, Hank Hill takes out one last can of WD40 and sprays it right into Taz’s eyes, creating a chemical chain reaction sending her back into the Nether Realm from which she came. Toby and Hank Hill went down in history that day as the Two Who Conquered.

Story Concept Brainstorming

When thinking about project story concepts for DS106, almost anything could be used to fuel a great assignment. Here are some of my favorite ideas for future projects:

  • Write and act out a part of a movie script
  • Design a product, make an adv poster, and commercial for it
  • Create a new board game
  • Make a new company with a logo, merchandise, and a commercial