A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

This week I chose to do the Design Assignment A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. I decided to do this assignment because the concept was interesting and sounded challenging. I love designing and creating logos so getting the chance to mesh two opposing company’s logos together was right uo my alley.

Coming up with two companies to use was challenging. I thought about shoe companies, fast food companies, and even computer companies. I eventually thought about car companies and loved that idea so I rolled with it. I ended top using Ferrari and Lamborghini as my two companies because in reality, one company is the result if a guy leaving and starting the other one.

In order to design the cross-logo, I used my trusty iPad and loaded up Procreate, a design app. I inserted the logo badge of Ferrari on the first layer and inserted the Lamborghini logo on top of it. I then proceeded to use the eraser tool to erase everything around the Lamborghini Bull so it would be the only thing left of its logo. After some resizing and precise erasing, the bull was positioned exactly where I wanted it, on top of the Ferrari logo badge.

I loved this assignment because it gave me the opportunity to see a new type of Italian sports car company that would only exist in a parallel universe to our own. My Procreate skills were put to the test on this assignment and I believe it made me much better at using the app in the future.