Breakpoint Boards Logo Design

This week I decided to do the Design Assignment Create a Logo That is Simple but Detailed. I decided to do this assignment because logo design is probably my biggest hobby in my free time. I love designing logos for fun, for friends, and for my own personal projects. The chance to design a logo for this class was very exciting.

For there assignment, it asks you to create a simple but detailed logo, that is it. So, I asked my sister for a random company idea and she told me a surfboard company would be really cool. After some quick brainstorming, we came up with Breakpoint Boards as the company name. A Breakpoint is a type of wave, apparently.

I quickly jumped onto my iPad and opened up Procreate, my favorite designing app. I played around with some sketches using waves and beaches but settled on surfboards as the main logo concept.

After some trial and error I liked the above logo orientation. Three surfboards, with complimentary colors in a fan-like pattern. This logo, to me, is simple and nice to look at while also telling the viewer exactly what the company does/sells.

After the logo was done, I found some nice typefaces that matched the aesthetic of the logo and the surfboard company theme. Designing the logo and the company name was a lot of fun. I always love designing new logos for existing or new companies, real or fake. This assignment helped me with my drawing skills, as well as my proportion and coloring techniques.