Come Play With Us Video Essay

This week in DS106, we were asked to create a video essay from a 1980s movie or TV scene. In order to do this, we were also tasked with reading Roger Ebert’s How to Read a Movie. It was a very interesting read with a lot of useful information in it. In my video essay, I made sure to connect how the camera angles creates a specific emotion, similarly mentioned in the article. The Tony Zhou Every Frame a Painting YouTube channel also effectively taught me many interesting and unique ways that cinematography is used to convey certain emotions and accomplish goals that writing or directing could never.

For my Video Essay, I chose to analyze a scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 psychological thriller, The Shining.

The way the camera angles shift between the subjects, the lighting in the scenes, and the use of uncomfortable sounds and music all culminate in creating an eerie and tense scene.

In order to create the video essay, I painstakingly used iMovie to create video clips from the YouTube video and overlap them over 5 separate voice recordings of me, reading my script I wrote for the essay. Towards the ending, I wanted to make sure it ended on a creepy and impactful note so I cut it to the point when Danny says “I’m scared” and it cuts to black with a loud boom.

This assignment helped me learn a lot about camera techniques and strategies used to add extra depth in films.