Cooking With Connor

For this week’s video assignment task, I decided to make my own assignment for the first time! I spent all week writing, filming, and editing a cooking tutorial video on making a burger and some homemade In N Out Animal Style sauce. With the amount of effort and time I put into this video this week, I decided it seemed fair to delegate it a 10 star rating because it incorporated video, audio, and design techniques to complete the video.

First, I started with the idea phase. I had to think of an idea for one video that would be worth 10 stars. I first thought of doing a sitcom with multiple characters (played by me) but I did not have the costumes or time to film and edit an entire 5-10 minute episode. After a couple other ideas not fitting, I decided on doing a burger cooking video based on my favorite burger restaurant with heavy 1980s vibes: In N Out.

The next part that had to be done was the voice over for the video. After writing a script and labeling each part, I used Audacity to individually record each part. After the whole script was recorded, I now had to film.

In order to film, I needed to first clean my kitchen. After doing all of the dishes in my sink, wiping down the counters, and stealing my roommates lamp for extra lighting, I was able to start staging for the video. Following my script structure, I positioned all of my ingredients on my counter accordingly. I used my iPad with my AirPods in to listen to my voiceovers while I badly mimic my hand gestures to make it look like I’m speaking while filming. After the first-person intro, my roommate was kind enough to help me film the rest of the footage from a 3rd person view.

After filming was over and we shared the burger I made, we both went to bed so I could start editing the next morning. Using Final cut Pro for Mac, I started editing. The first major task I had to get right was syncing my voiceover with my terrible hand movements so it looked as organic as possible. Once that was done, I started editing the ingredients list using a sports-related format plug-in and re-did it so I could add ingredients and my own footage into the viewfinder. This took a lot of time but I think it came out pretty good.

Screenshot of my editing timeline

The next shot I edited was making the sauce. Using video graphics and text, I added a layer of labels over the ingredients for added information for the viewer. Cutting the video into quarters for quickness was then added. Now, its burger time. This part I was able to add sizzle sound effects to when I push down the burger patties to flatten them. Using fade-in and fade-out intensity levels, I was able to add a realistic pressure-activated sizzle effect overtop the video.

Finally, I added some funky 1980s type music over it all to give it that extra 1980s feel.

Overall, I had a great and exhausting time creating this video. I hope it can at least teach a couple people how to make a great burger!