Daily Create Story Time

Our incredible story starts off with a special unicorn named Toby.

At first, Toby just seemed like any other unicorn but there was something unique about him. Toby had the special ability to start fires with his eyes and read other creature’s thoughts. This was all thanks to the special purple and pink shirt he always wore, that he found at Goodwill. But one day, He encountered a beast that even he could not read its mind. That terrifying creature was no other than Taz, Destroyer of Worlds.

Dubbed the Heavy Weight Boxing Champion in the 1985 regular season, she was the toughest dog you’ll ever meet. With a look of pure evil radiating through her beady-yellow eyes, nobody stood a chance against her. Toby knew what he had to do. He had to destroy Taz, The Undestroyable. But if Toby wanted to defeat Taz, he knew he was going to need some help. Even the power to start fires with his eyes was not enough to take her on alone. Knowing this, Toby recruited the help of the only man he knew that could take down such a beast. Hank Hill, propane and propane accessories salesman extraordinaire.

With fate and knowledge and their side, they rode at dawn to take on the dastardly villain. Upon arrival to her evil lair, the battle immediately commenced thanks to an ambush. After several hours of fighting, both Toby and Hank Hill grew weak. Bloody and beaten, Hank Hill takes out one last can of WD40 and sprays it right into Taz’s eyes, creating a chemical chain reaction sending her back into the Nether Realm from which she came. Toby and Hank Hill went down in history that day as the Two Who Conquered.