Four Strangers, One Thing

For the design assignment Four Icons/One Story, I chose to use Stranger Things, set in 1984. I chose this design assignment because it sounded fun and engaging while giving me the freedom to add a 1980s twist to it.

I wanted to use Stranger Things as my story because it is one of my all time favorite shows and it fit the theme for our class. First, I started off using Creative Commons image search to find a 1980s related picture I could use as the background. After I found a fitting picture of some random people circa 1980, I moved into Keynote on my iPad to add some symbols to represent the storyline.

First, I chose a dragon. The dragon symbolizes how the gang started the show by playing a game of Dungeons & Dragons in Will’s basement. This was there beginning of the downfall for the small town of Hawkins and the Bower family.

Second, I chose an upside down arrow to symbolize the “Upside Down”. Clever, I know. The Upside Down is the backbone concept of the show and what enables Eleven to find and get Will back.

Third, I chose a police badge to symbolize Sheriff Hopper and his role in the plot. Sheriff Hopper plays a major part in solving the mystery of what is happening in Hawkins. His devotion is what kept Hawkins and Will alive.

Lastly, I chose a waffle icon to symbolize the shows most important character, Eleven. Eleven is the inly reason Will was ever able to be found and she is also the main reason why Hawkins did not fall to the Russian scientists running experiments in the town.

I learned a lot from this design assignment. I learned how to dissect a story into four crucial aspects and what design imagery to try and find to relay that message to the audience. Using nothing but icons and a background image to tell a story is intriguing and a great way to tell a story through unconventional means.