Knees Weak, Summary Heavy (2-7-20)

Visuals of Storytelling

To start off our work for the week, we had to read Becoming a Better photographer and offer our input on how it can help our own photography skills.

This article and the included TED Talk video explained how pictures can be more than images. Photographs have the ability to tell an impactful story, no way words could. Using photographs, emotion can be visually displayed and seen by the audience compared to written or told.

Using certain techniques such as different lenses and playing with foreground/background subjects and settings can positively affect your photos and add some good depth. Contrasting colors can also create dynamic movement in a photo.

Michael Galinsky, circa 1980

When applying what I learned to the buzzfeed article These Pictures Of American Malls In The 1980s Are Actually Incredible, it was very interesting seeing how human and muted life was back then in atmosphere but not color. Picture composition was very well done and it conveyed a very nostalgic feeling of the good old days (for people who were alive back then).


The 20-Minute Photoblitz was really cool and engaging. In 20 minutes, I had to scrounge through my apartment and find specific objects to photograph. Sometimes taking bad pictures really fast is better than not taking okay pictures at all.

Visual Assignments

I did 4 visual assignments for a total of 13 stars (1 more than required). First, I did a Chimeratic Composition. I had to photoshop 3 random items and make them into something bigger than the sum of their parts alone. I created a dragon sitting on a Scottish castle with a UFO in the sky. Mysticism is very interesting to me.

Second, I did “Who Said What” where I photoshopped a Daniel Craig quote over Sean Connery with credit to Jack Flack. We had to use 3 separate spies to create a quote meme.

Third, I did “Combophoto” which required me to splice two images together to create something unique and with correct flow. I found a picture of an acoustic guitar and a squash and spliced them together to create the one and only, Acoustic Squashtarâ„¢.

Lastly, I did “Pop Star Out Of Place” so I chose my favorite Pop star, Arnold Schwarzenegger from his 1984 film The Terminator and placed him in a fairy tale setting. I highly doubt he never thought he would get himself into that kind of situation.