Minimalism in the Movies

For one of this week’s design assignments, I chose to do a Minimalist TV/Movie Poster. I chose this design assignment because I love minimalism and movies. Minimalism is a great way to express oneself with as little effort or material as possible. I also love movies from all eras, especially the 1980s.

I chose to do Back to the Future because it is a staple movie classic that person must see.

When designing the movie poster, I wanted to do a simple clock design with the numbers counting backwards, showing time going backwards. With a minimalistic two color palette, the orange and the yellow convey a sense of urgency and thrill.

I used my iPad to photoshop the poster together, using multiple layers for every aspect. Using two circles to create the clock and two rectangles to create the border, I was able to make a nice, minimalist poster with zero clutter.

I liked this assignment because it pushed me to use photoshop lettering techniques which I do not use much. I also enjoyed using two specific colors to advertise a certain emotion.