My New Single: Dynamite

This week, for one of my audio assignments I chose to Play DJ and Make A Song. Music has always been a part of my life and ever since I was a young kid I’ve always wanted to write and produce my own song. DISCLAIMER: This song is by no means a serious attempt at songwriting or producing for me but I did love making it and had a lot of fun constructing the beat and writing the lyrics for it – even though you can barely hear them, sorry.

With a catchy, 1980s-style beat, and lyrics to match, I wanted to attempt to capture a little bit of the era in my song. I love electric guitar melodies and punchy drums so I made sure to incorporate those into it.

I first started by opening GarageBand on my Mac and creating a new project. I started off by playing with some digital instruments like pianos and synthesizers but nothing was flowing. I then googled some ways to make simple song beats and learned that GarageBand has a built in looping feature with tons of pre-recorded soundbites. These perfectly timed loops featured guitars, drums, pianos, bass, and everything else!

First, I started with a good drum beat by searching 1980s in the search bar. Once I found a drum beat I liked i dragged it onto the timeline and made it loop forever. After that, I found a couple of cool old school electric guitar riffs and melodies and dragged those onto the timeline as well. I staggered every new instrumental loop, coming in 4-bars after the next until all three were playing. Then, I wrote some lyrics, trying to use the 1980s party scene as a theme. After writing some lyrics, I recorded my voice into GarageBand and added it a couple bars in after the final instrument started playing. I made my two verses repeat twice and voila, a finished novice-piece!

After realizing how many amazing beats and sounds are preloaded into GarageBand, I will definitely be using it on my own personal time to try and make some cool music to jam out to.