Photography and Storytelling

Michael Galinksy

In analyzing These Pictures Of American Malls In The 1980s Are Actually Incredible published by Buzzfeed, many aforementioned storytelling aspects can be found. When it comes to selection, the pictures show a wide variety of mall shoppers and the businesses they are perusing. The fashion style of the mall shoppers compared to the business-professional attire of the business owners is very evident.

The contrast between the bright colors of the clothing with the drab color of the mall itself is an interesting comparison, indicating current architectural trends.

Depth and balance can be seen with several shots where certain potted plants or people are in the foreground and interesting people or subjects are in the background.

The lighting is a bit musty and flat. This is probably due to the fact that cameras back then were not as sharp and clear as they are today. The mall atmosphere also attributes to some of that mood lighting with little natural light and muted colors covering the walls and floors.