Radio Show Progress

This week, I designed a logo for our group project radio show. The name of our radio show we chose is “What’s Their Damage?”. We chose this name because we wanted to do a radio show on criminals in the 1980s. Some notable criminals we will be highlighting are Pablo Escobar, Jeffrey Dahmer, and Richard Ramirez.

We chose 1980s criminals because everybody in our group is really interested in it. Watching documentaries, thriller movies, and tv shows about historical criminals are super fascinating to all of us.

Specifically, this week, we first all met in a group meeting and discussed who and what we wanted our show to involve. After delegating who will be given which criminal, how the commercials and bumpers will be constructed was discussed next. With a successful meeting and everybody knowing exactly what they needed to work on, we all headed our separate ways.

I came home and immediately got to work on designing my own logo for the radio show using photoshop on my iPad. With a show based on killers and criminals, I definitely wanted to showcase one as the logo itself. It’s simple yet very effective in telling the viewer exactly what the show will be about.

Later this week, during spring break, I will be creating the main commercials for the show as well as working on my portion on the show content. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!