Remixed Simple Logo feat. Dr. Seuss

For the first remix assignment of this week, I decided to remix my Create A Logo That Is Simple But Detailed assignment. This was my original logo:

When I clicked REMIX IT on the assignment page, I was told to add a Dr. Seuss character.

Not sure how I was going to accomplish this, I got to work googling Dr. Seuss characters. The first characters I remembered were from the book 1 Fish 2 Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. I found a high quality cover of them and brought them into Procreate on my iPad. Using the eraser tool, I isolated the fish and put them around the surfboards in the logo. This was the result:

I loved the idea of using fish with a surfboard brand. I also think the colors of the fish compliment the logo and aren’t too jarring to look at.

Remixing this logo was a lot of fun and I learned better techniques utilizing my Eraser tool and layers.