Social Media in the 1980s Reflection

Over the past week, the DS106 project teams have been able to listen to each other’s Radio Show projects on DS106 Radio Monday through Wednesday. One specific radio show I thought was noteworthy was 80s Crime and Social Media: An 80s Rewrite. It pondered the idea of what the 1980s would be like if today’s social media had existed.

Structurally, using a host and caller-in format was a great idea. It led itself to the radio show platform fantastically. With an exciting host dictating the show and callers calling in to talk about their specific events was very well done. The use of sounds amongst the team members pieces were executed very well and the background music and tracks perfectly fit the era and style they were aiming for.

As for the concept, the rationale of exploring how current social media platforms would have affected the world during past events that shaped humanity’s history is riveting. From basketball legends stories about Larry Bird to war-time motions, giving any normal person the ability to share a story within seconds from anywhere would have truly changed the way we see the world today. The team did an excellent job in both concept and execution.

When reflecting on having my team’s radio show aired on the radio with the whole class listening in, it was very engaging. I, as well as my teammates I imagine, felt a strong sense of pride in knowing that something that we all worked very hard on was being aired live on a streaming radio website. Getting to interview with Professor Bond was another great portion of the live-listening night, where we talked about potential new themes for future ds106 classes and getting to briefly describe the work we did on the show before it aired. During our show live on air, our audience/class was engaging and seemed to enjoy the show. This was a great project and I highly recommend it for future classes.