The Next DJ Khaled (Week 7 Summary)

A week full of audio assignments, song writing, and graphic design made this week really challenging yet exciting.

Roadtrip Playlist

For the first audio assignment of the week, I made a playlist for an upcoming road trip I’m going on, under the audio assignment Make Your Own Mixtape. I used Spotify to make a playlist including many of my favorite artists. My blog post can be found here.

1980s Song Mashup

For my second audio assignment of the week, I made mashup of two 1980s-style songs, under the audio assignment Take Any Two Songs and Make A Mashup/Remix.

In order to do this, I used a website called to algorithmically mashup two royalty-free 1980s songs I found on Youtube. My blog post about it can be found, here.

My New Single: Dynamite

For my third audio assignment of the week, I decided to do the assignment Play DJ and Make A Song. I really loved doing this assignment because I love music and have always been interested in making my own.

Using GarageBand to create a song using their pre-recorded instrumental loops was really easy to understand and fun to use. I could spend days just messing with all of the loops and making some really awesome songs. Here is my blog post talking all about the process.

Daily Creates

For my three daily creates this week that I participated in, I first showed off what my dream place to live would be. I would love to live in an industrial-style, modern loft in a cool, relaxed city.

For my second Daily Create, we had to use an old book image search engine to find a cool picture and talk about it. I found an awesome old sketch of a man and woman in a study from the 1800s.

For my third and final Daily Create of the week, we were asked to show off our book collection. I don’t read that much so I don’t own many non-textbook reading material. When I do get a chance and the urge to read, I enjoy reading science fiction and self-help books.

Radio Show Progress

During the week, I met with my radio show project group to talk about what our show was going to be about. We decided on “What’s Their Damage?”, a radio show about notorious criminals in the 1980s.

We continued to figure out who would like to do research on what criminal and use our team’s Google Doc to talk about new ideas and work on existing ones.

As for this week, I designed my own logo for the radio show. Using my iPad and Photoshop, I created a logo that I believe does a great job at telling the viewer what the show is about immediately. Here is a link to my blog post talking about the process.