The Perfect Roadtrip Playlist

This week for one of my audio assignments, I chose to do Make Your Own Mixtape. I love making playlists for all types of reasons. Road trips, sports, acoustic songs, sad songs, etc.

For this assignment, I used Spotify to create a playlist for an upcoming roadtrip I plan on going on, across the United States. I wanted to incorporate a lot of songs that I can really belt out while driving long, boring stretches of highway.

From pop songs by Khalid to more acoustic indie songs by Side Saddle, I wanted to create playlist that mirrored my extensive library of musical genres I enjoy. AJR and The Bad Suns are two of my favorite bands so I made sure to add a hefty number of songs from them.

Any new reason to create more playlist is awesome in my book. Music has always been a huge part of my life since and any assignment based around it, I always love doing it.