Three Times The Charm – Weekly Summary (1-24-20)

Every new week brings new challenges. Navigating through the Assignment Bank was a new type of freedom I, as a student, have never felt before. this being my first ever online class has sure had its fair share of culture shock. Once the shock wore off, I quickly found 3 fun assignments to take on. This is my journey from start to finish this week.

Averaged Portrait

First, I decided to do the Averaged Portrait assignment because I am not one for taking selfies so this immediately got me out of my comfort zone. The act of taking several pictures in the same spot with different expressions is a unique form of picture I’ve never thought about before.

I accomplished this by taking 12 almost-identical photos and importing them into an iPad app called Procreate. In this app, I’m able to insert each photo into its own layer on top of each other. On every layer, I turned the opacity to 50% so every layer was noticeable. And that, friends, is how I got this monstrosity of a masterpiece.

Creepy (and funny) Anime Eyes

The next assignment was a bit more light-hearted and funny. The objective being “take a photo of somebody and give them huge, creepy, anime eyes” grabbed my attention right away. So I got right to work.

To start, I found a photo of a famous 1980s pop star, to fit the theme of course. My poor subject was nobody other than the man, the myth, the legend: David Bowie. Fortunately, because I have a smart phone, I have an app called Snapchat. Using this app I took a picture of David Bowie and applied a filter on the picture I found. Poor David, I’m sorry for putting you through this, you deserve more than this.

Ferris Bueller’s Radio Commercial

Everybody knows the classic movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, premiered June 11th, 1986. I was not born in the 1980s but if I was, I would have wanted to see this in movie theaters as soon as possible. What better way to find out about a movie coming out, you ask? Excellent question friend, that would be a radio advertisement in the family kitchen on a Thursday night right before dinner. So I made just the thing. Using a couple computer programs called Audacity and iMovie to record my voice and add some rad 80s music in the background, I was able to make a pretty convincing 1980s radio commercial that I then uploaded to YouTube for everybody’s viewing pleasure. Please enjoy.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Radio Commercial

To Summary It All Up

The mix of fun and creative assignments this week was refreshing from the mundane college work in my other courses I’m taking this semester. From getting to use my new microphone to taking selfies in my bathroom, I ventured out of my comfort zone a fair amount this week and I look forward to doing it more and more.