Time For a Quarantini (Week 9 Summary)

First, let’s not ignore the elephant int he room. The Coronavirus has made massive moves into the United States and countless other countries, infecting thousands and killing hundreds. As a result, school has been closed for the semester and the economy is hurting severely. But this class is not about that. Let’s focus on what this week was all about in DS106.

Radio Show Reflection

This week, everybody had their Radio Show projects aired on DS106 Radio with the entire class an in interactive audience via Twitter. Here is my post, reflecting on one of the great shows I listened to and my thoughts on having our team’s radio aired live as well.

Project Brainstorming

As a class, we were asked this week to brainstorm some project concepts for later this semester and next semester. Here is my blog post, outlining some of my favorite ideas I came up with.

Daily Create Story

This week, we were asked to create a story using the last 3 Daily Creates from our Twitters. I had a lot of fun writing this short, silly story about my dog, Hank Hill, and a unicorn named Toby. Here is the blog post illustrating my beautiful story.

Double Assignment Rework

This week, we were tasked with reworking or improving upon two of our past assignments. I decided to rework my Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing and Four Icons/One Story assignments. I enjoyed reworking these assignments because it gave me the ability to go a different route with both of them. Here is my blog post showing off both reworked assignments.