Week 12 Summary

This week has been pretty chill, to be honest. I’m finally settling into a full online class environment just when we are about to be done in a couple weeks. For this week, we were tasked with 2 Mashup Assignments, and 2 Remix It assignments.

Text Conversation: A Wild Ride

This Mashup assignment was fun to make using Final Cut Pro. Utilizing video, editing, and sound techniques, I learned a lot. Here is my blog post explaining in further detail.

Animoji Karaoke 1980s Style

For my other Mashup assignment, I did an Animoji Karaoke video and posted it to Twitter. Singing along to Men At Work’s hit song Down Under was a lot of fun and my friend got a kick out of it. Here is my blog post for it.

Remixed Logo: Dr. Seuss Edition

For my first Remix It assignment, I was asked to remix my surfboard company logo and add Dr. Seuss characters to it. Naturally, I did just that! Here is my blog post telling you all about it.

Back To The Fonz Poster

For my final Remix It assignment, I was tasked to my remix my Back To The Future poster with a picture of Happy Day’s The Fonz. Here is my blog post talking all about it.

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